About us

Lingfy provides human translations by professional natives to meet your linguistic requirements. Our bold vision is to simplify the way people connect across different countries and cultures, by breaking down language barriers.

We come to work every day because we want to share our love for languages and provide quality multilingual content to our clients, that can help them expand their goals beyond borders.

We carefully check our translators’ qualifications to ensure that our team has only the best native speaking professionals, to deliver extensive knowledge and convert content into the desired language of our clients. You can rely on our fast work output that always comes at affordable rates.Words matter.

We’re excited about taking your words (what you say) and style (how you say it) to new audiences.

Together we can grow globally, by acting locally.


Bruno Portela and Aires Walter dos Santos are two friends who first met while working for the BBC World Service in London. Both share a passion for writing creative multilingual content.

Bruno Portela

Bruno dreams about finishing a marathon, reads science-help books, listens to Indie Rock and enjoys playing with his cats.

Walter dos Santos

In his spare time Walter is a keen follower of world affairs, Formula 1, listening to Semba and dancing Kizomba.

We truly believe in the power of writing to communicate stories and ideas that engage and inspire people everywhere. When you write good stories, you foster good relationships. But when you write awesome stories, magic happens!