Translator Services Agreement

Last updated February 2017 This agreement is made between the Translator and Lingfy, Unipessoal Lda, referred in this agreement as 'LINGFY'. You must agree to the following terms before you may work as a Translator for LINGFY.

1. Provided Services

1.1 Translators registered on our website ('Website') are available to provide services of translation, proofreading and transcription, from the languages that they have proven academic knowledge and work experience, into their mother tongue.

1.2 Candidates willing to perform the mentioned services, shall register a personal profile on our Website, by completing the online form containing the requested personal data and uploading a Resume/CV and other relevant Diplomas and Certificates.

1.3 By submitting the completed registration form, Translators accept and authorize the online disclosure through the Website of their profile, qualifications and photography to Clients.

1.4 After submitting the form, Translators will receive a registration confirmation by email and using the chosen email and password they can access their profile on the Website where they can add or change the provided information.

1.5 Translators must deliver services in two quality categories: Standard and Expert. Standard quality services are translation, proofreading and transcription suitable for daily use, such as emails, product descriptions, blog posts, etc. Translators with more than two (2) years of working experience, can apply through their profile page on the website, to provide Expert quality services, divided in the following categories:

After accepting a project, Translators are responsible to meet the previously set delivery deadlines, to perform any changes requested by Clients and they are strictly prohibited to enter into any negotiations with Clients or disclose their personal contact details.

1.7 All provided information and statements by the translators are their sole responsibility, and under clause 2.2 LINGFY assumes no legal liability related to that information and statements.

1.8 Translators are solely responsible for all information and statements provided to LINGFY at all times, as well as the veracity of all facts related to their work experience, education, personal identification and supporting personal documents during the recruitment process.

1.9 The registration and maintenance of the Translators’ online profile is free.

2. Recruitment, Selection and Admission

2.1 LINGFY is responsible for maintaining the database containing the Translators’ profiles available to provide translation, proofreading and transcription services, with the relevant identification of each one of them and other elements and information provided by Translators.

2.2 LINGFY shall ensure the prior analysis of the Translators’ profiles, but may not be liable for any false statements made by Translators.

2.3 Translators registered on the Website whose language skills and expertise level meets the services ordered by Clients will automatically receive an email containing the work proposal made by the Client, which can be reviewed and accepted by Translators, when signing in to their personal account and accessing the ‘My projects’ page on the Website.

2.4 Translators can review and confirm the offered working conditions on the project page, such as word count and expertise level, as well as accepting the offer.

2.5 When a Translator accepts the job offer, the Client will be notified to proceed to payment and after the payment is made, the Translator receives a job confirmation by email and shall start working immediately.

2.6 Translators must observe deadlines at all times, which can vary depending on the workload ordered by Clients. For all the translation and proofreading projects, the calculated working speed is two hundred (200) words per hour and for the Transcription Services is eight (8) minutes of audio per hour.

2.7 If for any reason Translators cannot finish the project within the agreed deadline, they shall inform LINGFY immediately by email and the Client through the messaging system available on the Project area. A new deadline can be set if the Client agrees or in case the Translator can’t for some compelling reason complete the job, the project might be assigned to another translator.

3. Non-disclosure agreement

3.1 Translators agree to keep all information, including, Client data, source texts, contents, source files, prices, all terms that have been agreed and the translation itself, secret/sensitive/confidential, during and after completion of the translation project.

3.2 Translators are obliged not to disclose to third parties, in any way, all data and the information previously mentioned, agreeing themselves to take the necessary steps and measures to ensure that such data and information is not seen or disclosed to third parties. Translators will be legally liable for all damages resulting from failure to comply with the obligation assumed in the preceding paragraphs, as well as of its own negligence.

3.3 If it is necessary to contact directly a LINGFY Client, Translators agree to keep confidential all terms and other internal data exchanged between themselves and LINGFY.

3.4 LINGFY or its Clients may provide Translation Memories ('TMs') and glossaries to be exclusively used and accessed by the Translator. TMs and glossaries can only be used on orders placed by LINGFY or its Clients. The content and structure of TMs and glossaries cannot be revealed in full or in part to any third party and must be deleted after the termination of the contract with LINGFY or the end Client.

3.5 Any confidential information remains property of LINGFY and must be returned, if required or not, at the end of the project. Likewise, the retention, copy and all forms of duplication of documents, media, or other copies are strictly prohibited.

4. Quality

4.1 Translators agree to consistently comply with LINGFY’s quality levels on all tasks assigned to them.

4.2 LINGFY regularly assesses the quality of work of its Translators and the translation, proofreading and/or transcription that does not meet the required levels, may prevent them from accessing Expert level jobs, or in some cases reviewed on an individual basis by LINGFY, it might lead to the termination of this Agreement. Translators wanting to access again expertise level jobs, will have to reapply via the Website.

4.3 Translators assume legal and professional liability for any damages and/or financial losses/damages arising out of errors or omissions on the translations, transcriptions, editions or proofreadings made through the LINGFY online platform.

5. Compensation

5.1. The compensation rates are:

5.2 Compensation will be available after Translators upload an invoice containing their Taxpayer ID and Social Security Number, on their personal account describing the delivered services. Translators may only withdraw funds when they have a credit of at least ten (10) Euros or the equivalent in another currency and the payment will only be made through Paypal, so Translators need to make sure they sign up with the same email address as their Paypal account.

5.3 Any fees related to money transfers as well as exchange rates that might be charged by Paypal shall be covered and charged to Translators.

6. Resolution

6.1 Either party may terminate this contract in case of failure or faulty compliance of any of the obligations assumed by the other party under these applicable General or Specific Conditions.

6.2 The resolution operates automatically on the date of receipt of the written notice, sent by one party to the other, invoking their reasons.

7. Entry into effect

7.1 This agreement shall enter into effect at the time of the Translators’ registration on the Website and it is valid during the period agreed in the Specific Conditions.

8. Changes

8.1 LINGFY reserves the right to change the technical conditions in which it provides its services, without needing the Translators’ authorization.

8.2 Any changes shall be communicated in writing to the other party and are subject to their express acceptance.

9. Communications

9.1 For the purpose of carrying out a legal notice, summons or subpoena within the scope of judicial action for the fulfilment of monetary obligations arising under this Agreement, the parties agree to use the address stated in the registration form, unless otherwise expressly indicated by the Translator.

9.2 Translators are obliged to communicate LINGFY any change to the address stated on the online registration form, within a maximum of fifteen (15) days, under penalty of the translator being considered to be legally notified at the address originally stated.

10. Law and Jurisdiction

10.1 This Contract reflects the agreement of both parties being applied to them the laws and norms in effect in the Portuguese Republic.

10.2 The declaration of invalidity of one or more clauses of this contract does not imply its total invalidity, but only of(s) the related clause(s).

10.3 For the resolution of any dispute arising between the parties it shall be responsible the Courts of the Judicial District of Porto, being renounced any other.

11. Epigraphs

11.1 The clause headings are only guidelines to the content of these and do not bind the parties in any case.