How can we help you?


  • How many languages do you support? Arrow faq

    Our list stands at 13 languages currently. Please contact us if your desired language is not listed.

  • Are you adding more languages? Arrow faq

    We are always on the lookout for the best native translators for each language that our clients request. For any languages not listed on our website, contact us and we will work towards finding the right translator for the job.

  • Do I need an Expert Translator? Arrow faq

    For technical documents requiring background knowledge on the subject, we hire Expert Translators to perform these translations. They are highly skilled native speakers with adequate experience in areas such as health, legal, engineering and IT or other technical texts.

  • What if I only need Proofreading? Arrow faq

    We offer Proofreading for any translated text that needs another set of eyes to browse the content and make any potential edits. Our Expert Translators welcome any work that needs Proofreading and currently do so in 13 different languages. The Proofreading rates can be viewed on our Pricing page.

  • Can I have my video/audio transcribed? Arrow faq

    Our translators work at a rate of €1,98 (Standard) and €2,49 (Expert) per minute to transcribe any video or audio files you send us.

  • Can you translate my video/audio file? Arrow faq

    Apply for a translation project on our homepage by following the 1-2-3 steps to upload the file. We currently accept files under 50 MB. For larger files, you may use cloud storage and file sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. Simply copy and paste the shareable link in the instructions box and we will download the linked file(s). Please include the total minute count when you post this assignment to our website.

  • What is the word count for Asian languages? Arrow faq

    One word equals 1.2 characters in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

  • What service level should I choose? Arrow faq

    We provide two simple and affordable levels of service:

    • Standard Translation - Translators work quickly and efficiently for the majority of everyday work such as emails, blog posts, social media content or product descriptions

    • Expert Translation - Technical work such as medical or legal documents require special attention to detail and experienced translators in that specific field of work. Our Expert Translators are assigned based on their prior experience in that area to match the required tone and wording.

  • Why wouldn’t I hire a freelance translator instead? Arrow faq

    Some of the advantages in hiring an Lingfy translator:

    • We screen and test each translator to hire only motivated, hardworking professionals to our team

    • For any issues, we assign additional translator(s) to your project or offer a refund for complete dissatisfaction. We prioritize client satisfaction for our work and strive to deliver excellent results

    • Clients may give feedback for the translator(s) they worked with after each successful project. This helps us to evaluate our translators’ performances and give them incentive to work hard to achieve a high reputation on our site. The better they do, the more work that will be available for them.

    • Our alert system immediately notifies all available translators for the requested language(s) that your project is ready to begin.

    • A predetermined deadline will notify you and the translator(s) when the project will be finished

    • We offer highly competitive prices

  • I’m having trouble uploading my files. Arrow faq

    Try refreshing the webpage and uploading again. If that doesn’t work, you can use cloud storage or file sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. Just copy the shareable file link and paste it in the instructions box.

  • How do I find the word count? Arrow faq

    Common file types (.doc, .pdf) display word count in their respective programs. For scanned documents, you must manually enter below the 1-2-3 steps the exact word count. The project doesn’t start until the assigned translator and client agree on the final word count. For any disagreement on this, please contact us.

  • Can translation agencies or professionals hire Lingfy? Arrow faq

    Absolutely. We have special offers for translation agencies looking to work with us and are always on the lookout for adding professionals to our team. Benefits include:

    • Growing list of languages offered

    • 24/7 translation services

    • Reduced costs

    • Guaranteed deadlines from hardworking, efficient native translators

    Our translator use translation memory, Trados and other tools. We interact with the agency representative only, and never with the end client.

  • Can I have my subtitles for my transcriptions? Arrow faq

    Yes. Add this detail to your instructions in the 1-2-3 steps when applying for an assignment. Be sure to mention the format you want your files in (.srt, etc.).

  • What file types do you support? Arrow faq

    We accept all common file types including .doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt, .jpg, .gif. Our translators also work with special file types such as .xliff, .tmx, .tbx, .olif, etc. Please contact us if your file type is not listed for the desired language.

  • How do I upload big files? Arrow faq

    Use cloud storage or a file sharing service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer,etc to upload files larger than 50MB. Then, copy and paste the shareable link into the instructions box and our translators will download the file(s). Please enter the word count below the instructions in the 1-2-3 steps.

Translation Process

  • How do I send instructions to the translator? Arrow faq

    Be sure to brief your translator(s) on the instructions for the assignment, starting with the context and audience for the work and following with any remarks about the tone or style that you want them to portray. Be clear in your communications to make sure that they understand exactly what you are looking for in the work. There is an instructions section to fill out while applying for a project.

  • Can I cancel a project? Arrow faq

    Once a translator begins an assignment, we do not offer refunds for cancellation.

  • Can I receive the translated file in a different format? Arrow faq

    We submit our final work in the same format as the files you send us. For alternate formats, clarify them in the instructions section in our 1-2-3 steps while applying for an assignment.

  • Is translation confidentiality guaranteed? Arrow faq

    Our team of translators all sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before they start work with Lingfy. Your work and confidentiality is important to all of us, and will always remain that way.

Translation Quality

  • Do I need Proofreading? Arrow faq

    Proofreading is suggested for large volumes of translated work and content produced by multiple translators. The text is proofread by another professional translator that works independent from the original project, bringing a fresh pair of eyes to catch any potential errors. You can view our Pricing page for the current Proofreading rates.

  • How do you ensure quality? Arrow faq

    Our company focus is keeping our clients satisfied:

    • We hire native speaking individuals with a passion for their language and a desire to show other people their mastery of it. They all must pass extensive testing and screening before becoming a member of Lingfy.

    • Throughout every assignment, we oversee the translator’s work to maintain the highest level of quality.

    • After a project finishes, the client can review the translator’s performance. Lingfy promises to resolve any concerns appointed by the client.

  • Can I rate the work? Arrow faq

    Definitely. Our company puts a lot of work into choosing the right candidate for employment. We track their progress from the start and throughout their work to ensure the desired results for each assignment completion. Client reviews help us deliver feedback to our translators and encourage quality work from them.

  • Who are the translators on your team? Arrow faq

    Lingfy hires native speakers hailing from a variety of countries and languages. Each one must pass our tests and screening to qualify as a professional translator on our team. Clients rate and deliver feedback at the conclusion of each project. This helps us maintain high quality output and hire only the most motivated, hardworking individuals.

Translation Speed

  • How fast are translators? Arrow faq

    We understand how important your time is. That’s why our translators process at least 200 words per hour and can go up to 2,000 words per day. For transcription tasks, the processing speed is 8 audio minutes per hour and up to 80 minutes per day. If your project requires more than that, contact us to dedicate additional team members to your work

  • How long will it take to complete the project? Arrow faq

    When you send a translation request, our online system immediately notifies any available translators. The quicker they respond, the greater chance that one of them will be selected for it and can start working right away. For high priority translations, please contact us directly so that we may set you up with two or more of our translators.

  • What is the Translation Project deadline? Arrow faq

    Once an assignment begins, a deadline is set that can be viewed by the translator(s) and the client. In the off chance that a translator needs to extend a deadline, he or she will notify you directly asking for an extension.

  • How long does it take to start the translation? Arrow faq

    Our translators start work once your payment is confirmed. Their work availability extends up to 10 hours per day at an average rate of 200 words per hour. We display the deadline for both the translator(s) and the client to view at all times. In the event that an assignment hasn't been started in the first hour, the translator is notified to begin work immediately or risk having the project reassigned to another team member.

  • Why is it taking so long to start my project? Arrow faq

    Lingfy operates on a 24/7 basis with translators available at all hours of the day. Our goal is to start assignments as quickly as possible, ensuring that deadlines are met and the work is satisfactory. However, we hire native speakers from a wide variety of countries and time zones. Therefore, potential delays may occur during their nighttime or during weekends.


  • How does Lingfy guarantee satisfaction? Arrow faq

    Here at Lingfy, we take pride recognizing that our customers choose us time and again for our high quality translation services and rapid delivery. We highly value our clients’ feedback and encourage them to give the translator they worked with a rating based on their performance and overall experience. This helps us support reliable, hardworking translators and provide the best service to our clientele. Do not hesitate to contact us about any issues that you encounter during an assignment. We will do everything within our means to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • What if I'm unhappy with the results? Arrow faq

    We prioritize meeting client needs to their full satisfaction every step of the way. This includes top of the line translation as well as dedicated service and understanding for client requests. Our translators are happy to work with you to make any necessary revisions beyond the initial work, if requested upon your review. In the event that the work does not satisfy the customer, another translator will be assigned to that project free of charge.